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How to Use this Guide

This guide is here to provide you with a description of the main functions provided by the Virtual Workspace Infrastructure by Strong Network.

The guide covers the initial setup, configuration and general usage of workspaces, which are online Containerized Development Environments (CDEs) available for coding and data science. Workspaces can be accessed using a cloud IDE, include Microsoft Visual Studio Code, all Jetbrains' IDEs or through an SSH connection from a local installed IDE (see remote development for Microsoft Visual Studio Code)

This documentation is generally organized in a manner that follows the platform's UI pages. This provides a natural way to find information once on one of the platform's pages.

The documentation implements a role-based filtering mechanism to make it easier for you to understand the permissions you have on the platform based on your role. You can select your role in the project using the Role-Selector located at the top left corner of the sidebar. As a result, the documentation will be tailored to your role, and you will only view sections that are relevant to you. For more information about this feature, refer to the How to Filter the Documentation page for more details.


If you want to see the full documentation regardless of your permissions on the platform, you can select the Admin role.

Finally, you can follow our Tutorials or to contact us via our Support for any questions.